Here at Learned Happiness, we offer numerous programs to help you reduce depression, build resiliency, and transform your life for the better.


Quick Tools to Feel Better Fast

Mood Boosters

2-minute exercises to raise your mood

Anxiety App

2-minute exercises to reduce anxiety.

Happiness Skills

Concrete lessons on how to lastingly increase well-being.


Assess your level of happiness, depression, and anxiety.


Comprehensive Programs to Improve Your Well-Being

Happiness Course

Take a 6-week course to learn essential skills for happiness.

Depression App

Take a 12-week course to reduce depression.


Participate in a 4-week experiment to discover your own sources of happiness.

Our Values


Programs that help you thrive.

We're committed to improving well-being. Whether you're tackling negative feelings or boosting your strengths, our programs are here to help.


Fully customized to You.

We've designed our programs using GuidedTrack, a software that allows us to individualize each program to your unique needs.

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Based on high-quality science.

Our team of researchers has worked hard to ensure that only the highest quality research has been used to design our programs.